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USPS Promotes Recycling Efforts

On November 15, the United States Postal Service® observed America Recycles Day, which raises awareness about the importance of conservation and recycling (see The organization launched its National Recycling Operation (NRO) in 2013, to streamline postal recycling efforts nationwide.

The NRO established hubs to handle backhaul recycling, which takes advantage of existing transport equipment to bring recyclables from delivery and retail units to the hub.

During the fiscal year that ended September 30, more than 18,000 Post Offices, stations, and branches recycled more than 176,000 tons of undeliverable marketing mail via their service hubs.

“America Recycles Day presents an annual reminder of the important role we play as employees of the United States Postal Service and stewards of our environment,” said Jennifer Beiro-Réveillé, the organization’s chief sustainability officer. “Each action you take today — and every day — highlights the opportunity we can all take to collectively address the challenges facing our nation’s waste management.”

Cardboard recycling has surged as a result of the increase in package deliveries. The organization recycled more than 85,000 tons of cardboard last year, up from 39,000 tons 5 years ago.

“The increased cardboard volume in our operations provides new business opportunities to improve cardboard handling efficiency and promote recycling and reuse best practices,” Beiro-Réveillé said.

More information about the organization’s recycling efforts can be found at