Environmental Management

Recycling Resumes for Inkjet and Toner Cartridges

Supply Management and the Office of Environmental Affairs and Corporate Sustainability have identified Clover Technologies in Calexico, CA, as the corporate-wdie recycler for used inkjet and toner cartridges. Employees are expected to use the internal Click-N-Ship® application for shipping used inkjet and toner cartridges.

Inkjet and Toner Cartridge Recycling Instructions

Employees must first request their manager’s permission to use the internal Click-N-Ship application through Access Registration and Identity Services (ARIS):

n Go to aris.usps.gov/Welcome.htm or click the “Essential Links” tab on Blue to log in.

n Select “Manage User Access.”

n Within the Manage User Access module, enter your ACE ID and click the search button (magnifying glass).

n When the username comes up, click on the small check mark next to the username, which selects that user, and click “Next.”

n On the following screen, enter the “CARP G10 User” function and click the search button (magnifying glass).

n Click the check mark next to that selection, then click “Next.”

n Review the request and then click “Submit.”

Once your access has been approved, use your ACE ID and password to log into the Click-N-Ship application (G10 platform) to create and print labels for recycling used inkjet and toner cartridges at cns-b.usps.gov/g10/index.html.

Here are a few tips for hassle-free shipping:

n Consolidate single cartridges into one box (a minimum of six toner cartridges or 20 inkjet cartridges per shipment).

n Pack items securely in a sturdy box; empty paper boxes work well for shipping.

n Ensure boxes weigh less than 70 pounds and that box length plus girth is less than 108 inches.

n Address shipments to:

Cartridge Return Center
315 Weakley Street
Calexico, CA 92231

n Attach the printed shipping label to the box.

Note: Ricoh toners and tubes are not eligible for this recycling program.

For more information about the new inkjet and toner cartridge recycling process, use the following resources:

n For guidance, review Creating Administrative Shipping Labels Using Click-N-Ship User Guide 02022023 at blue.usps.gov/commercebusiness/shipping-products/_pdf/creating-adminstrative-shipping-labels-using-click-n-ship-user-guide.pdf.

n For Click-N-Ship questions, send an email to the Click-N-Ship inbox at DH5BN0@usps.gov.

n For technical issues, contact the MSSC help desk at 877-672-0007, option 2, then option 1.

n For recycling-related inquiries, send an email to HQInvestmentRecovery@usps.gov.