Poster 194-Registered Mail Security
March 2005
 PSN 7690-07-000-5845


From the Office Of Emergency Preparedness



  • Keep all Registered Mail™ in a locked drawer, cabinet, or container. Allow only one person access.
  • Secure the key. The key to the locked drawer, cabinet, or container must be assigned to a single individual who must keep it in his or her possession and not share it with other employees.
  • Sign in and out of the registry section.
  • Immediately transfer Registered Mail received on the platform or dock to the registry section. When necessary, temporarily secure Registered Mail within a locked container attached to the building, for no more than 30 minutes.
  • Get signed receipts when transferring custody of Registered Mail. Use PS Form 3854, Manifold Registry Dispatch Book, to transfer custody.
  • On a route, place registered articles in the pocket of your satchel if one is provided.
  • When leaving the route for lunch, lock undelivered Registered Mail in a designated relay box or vehicle in accordance with existing practices.
  • Maintain individual accountability.


  • Leave the door to the registry section open or unlocked.
  • Leave the key to the locked drawer, cabinet, or container in the lock; hanging in the open; or otherwise accessible to others.
  • Allow multiple employees access to the key to the drawer, cabinet, or container.
  • Transfer custody of Registered Mail without obtaining a signed receipt from the individual accepting custody.

Poster 194
March 2005
PSN 7690-07-000-5845