Inspection, Recording Presence

  1. Purses, briefcases, and other containers brought into, while on, or being removed from the property are subject to inspection. However, items brought directly to a Postal Service facility’s customer mailing acceptance area and deposited in the mail are not subject to inspection, except as provided by the Administrative Support Manual, section 274. A person arrested for violation of this section may be searched incident to that arrest.
  2. Vehicles and their contents brought into, while on, or being removed from restricted nonpublic areas are subject to inspection. A prominently displayed sign shall advise in advance that vehicles and their contents are subject to inspection when entering the restricted nonpublic area, while in the confines of the area, or when leaving the area. Persons entering these areas who object and refuse to consent to the inspection of the vehicle, its contents, or both may be denied entry; after entering the area without objection, consent shall be implied. A full search of a person and any vehicle driven or occupied by the person may accompany an arrest.
  3. Except as otherwise ordered, properties must be closed to the public after normal business hours. Properties also may be closed to the public in emergency situations and at such times as may be necessary for the orderly conduct of business. Admission to properties when closed to the public may be limited to authorized individuals who may be required to sign the register and display identification when requested by Security Force personnel or other authorized individuals.