Poster 84 - Suspicious Mail or Packages

September 2006
PSN 7690-07-000-7097


Protect yourself, your business, and your mailroom.

If you receive a suspicious letter or package:
• Stop. Don’t handle.
• Isolate it immediately.
• Don’t open, smell, or taste.
• Activate your emergency plan. Notify a supervisor.

Watch for:
• No return address.
• Restrictive markings.
• Sealed with tape.
• Misspelled words. Badly typed or written.
• Unknown powder or suspicious substance.
• Possibly mailed from a foreign country. Excessive postage.
• Oily stains, discolorations, crystallization on wrapper.
• Excessive tape.
• Strange odor.
• Incorrect title or addressed to title only.
• Rigid or bulky.
• Lopsided or uneven.
• Protruding wires.

If you suspect the mail or package contains a bomb (explosive), or radiological, biological, or chemical threat:

• Isolate area immediately
• Call 911
• Wash your hands with soap and water

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