Where to Get Stamps

Post Office: You can buy new stamps here.

usps.com: You can see and order stamps online.

Mailboxes: Many people get stamps every day. Ask family and friends to save them for you.

Stamp dealers: You can buy older stamps here. Look in your Yellow Pages under “Stamps for Collectors.”

The Internet: Web sites on the Internet sell stamps and stamp-collecting supplies.

Grandparents and other relatives: Write to relatives about stamp collecting. It will make them happy and they will probably write back using cool stamps.

Pen pals: Find another kid who likes to collect stamps and become pen pals.

Vacationers: Ask friends who go on vacation to mail you a postcard.

Trade: When you have more than one of the same stamp, trade with a friend to get new ones.

Did You Know?

Some stamp dealers will mail “approvals.” You get to look at the stamps, buy what you want, and return the rest — undamaged, of course.

Did You Know?

You can buy bags of inexpensive stamps from some dealers and at stamp shows.