E-3 MAC and MAC Gold Certified Developers List

A complete list of certified mail service providers is available on the Postal Service Web site at www.usps.com/business/certification-programs.htm.

The MAC and MAC Gold Certified Developers List contains products that have passed the rigorous testing procedures of the MAC and MAC Gold programs. The list is broken out by type of certification and then organized alphabetically by company name. Each product’s listing includes sales contact information and indicates the certified manifest categories and options supported. Hardware, software platforms, and price range are indicated when appropriate. Although this program evaluates and validates manifesting products manufactured by developers, neither MAC nor MAC Gold guarantees acceptance of mail prepared using certified hardware/software platforms. The MAC and MAC Gold does however, provide national approval of computer–generated facsimiles of Postal Service postage statements, standardized documentation, and other manifest documentation.

This product information is for quick reference purposes only; please contact the developer directly for specifics concerning their product.