2 Definitions

2-1 Letter (39 CFR 310.1)

A letter is a message directed to a specific person or address and recorded in or on a tangible object. Tangible objects used for letters include but are not limited to paper, recording disks, and magnetic tapes. Tangible objects used for letters do not include the following:

  1. Objects whose material or shape and design make them valuable or useful for purposes other than as media for long-distance communications, unless the objects are actually used as media for personal and business correspondence.
  2. Outsized, rigid objects not capable of enclosure in envelopes, sacks, boxes, or other containers commonly used to transmit letters or packets of letters. Generally, all First-Class Mail® and all Standard Mail® matter, other than merchandise or other goods, delivered to a specific person or place in accordance with a selective delivery plan would be considered a letter.