4-2 Letters of College and University Organizations (39 CFR 320.4)

The operation of 39 U.S.C. 601(a)(1) through (6) and 39 CFR 310.2(b)(1) through (6) is suspended on all post routes to permit colleges and universities to carry in their internal mail systems the letters of their bona fide student or faculty organizations to campus destinations. This suspension does not cover the letters of faculty members, students, or organizations other than bona fide student or faculty organizations of the carrying college or university. Colleges and universities choosing to provide their student or faculty organizations access to their internal mail systems are responsible for ensuring that only letters of bona fide student or faculty organizations addressed to campus destinations are carried. For purposes of this suspension, internal mail systems are those that carry letters on, between, and among the various campuses of a single college or university and that operate in accordance with Letters of the Carrier Exception (see subchapter 3-4).


  • The University of Indiana has campus locations in Bloomington, Muncie, Fort Wayne, and Terre Haute. The student chess club at the Terre Haute campus sends, by internal mail, information about its chess tournaments and the accomplishments of its members to the chess clubs at the other campus locations. This practice qualifies for this suspension if the chess clubs are bona fide student organizations.
  • The University of Texas has campus locations in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Brownsville. The faculty diversification organization at the Brownsville campus has the minutes of its meetings and the text of its speeches privately carried to organization members at each campus location. This practice does not qualify for this suspension because the letters are not carried in the internal mail system.