4-4.3 Postage Value — “Cost Test”

It will be conclusively presumed that a letter is extremely urgent and is covered by the suspension if the amount paid for private carriage of the letter is at least $3.00 or twice the applicable U.S. postage for First-Class Mail service (including Priority Mail® service), whichever is greater. If a single shipment consists of numerous letters that are picked up together at a single origin and delivered together to a single destination, the applicable U.S. postage may be computed as though the shipment constituted one letter having the weight of the single shipment. If the letters are not actually charged on a letter-by-letter or shipment-by-shipment basis, the amount paid may be computed on the basis of the carrier’s actual charge divided by a bona fide estimate of the average number of letters or shipments during the period covered by the carrier’s actual charge.