4-6 International Remailing (39 CFR 320.8)

4-6.1 Standards

The operation of 39 U.S.C. 601(a)(1) through (6) and 39 CFR 310.2(b)(1) through (6) is suspended on all post routes to permit the uninterrupted carriage of letters from a point within the United States to a foreign country for deposit in its domestic or international mails for delivery to an ultimate destination outside the United States.


  • The letters to overseas customers of commercial Firm A in Chicago are carried by Carrier B to New York, where they are delivered to Carrier C for carriage to Europe. Carrier C holds the letters in its distribution center overnight, sorts them by country of destination, and merges them with letters of other firms addressed to those countries before starting the carriage to Europe in the morning. The carriage of Firm A’s letters is not interrupted. The suspension for international remailing applies to the carriage by Carrier B and by Carrier C.
  • The bills addressed to foreign customers of the Chicago branch office of commercial Firm D are carried by Carrier E to New York, where they are delivered to the accounting department of Firm D’s home office. The accounting department uses the information in the bills to prepare its reports of accounts receivable. The bills are then returned to Carrier E, which carries them directly to Europe, where they are entered into the mails of foreign countries. The carriage of the bills from Chicago to Europe is interrupted in New York by the delivery to Firm D’s home office. The suspension for international remailing does not apply to the carriage from Chicago to New York. However, it does apply to the subsequent carriage from New York to Europe.