5 Implementing Lawful Private Carriage of Letters With Postage Payment

5-1 Reasons for Private Carriage of Letters

In some instances, mailers may wish to have their letters privately carried even though they must reimburse the Postal Service for the amount of postage that would have been charged on the letters if they had been sent through the Postal Service. Some reasons for private carriage include the following:

  1. A firm may desire expedited delivery of both extremely urgent letters and letters that are not extremely urgent to a common destination and does not wish to segregate the letters that are not extremely urgent for delivery by the Postal Service.
  2. A firm may desire multiple daily deliveries, which are not provided by the Postal Service.
  3. A firm may desire an extremely high level of security for its letters.
  4. A firm delivering its letters in accordance with the letters of the carrier exception may find that changing over to a private carrier can lower its overall carriage costs even with reimbursement to the Postal Service for postage.