Application and Authorization Process

There are several steps in the process of becoming an account holder and distributing mailpieces. Exhibit 2 illustrates these steps, which are also described in the text following Exhibit 2.

Exhibit 2

Application and Authorization Process

application and authorization process.

Step 1: Prerequisites

An account holder who would like to participate must have the following before enrollment:

  1. An account on the USPS Business Customer Gateway — an account holder can create and access an account at
  2. A USPS CAPS account.
  3. A valid Business Reply Mail or Postage Due permit linked to the CAPS account.
  4. The ability to print on each mailpiece either a static IMb (a barcode that does not vary by mailpiece) or a unique IMb (a barcode that does vary by mailpiece).

Step 2: Enrollment and Mailpiece Authorization Requirements


The account holder must complete the enrollment and mail authorization process before printing the pieces to be distributed — please note that this process can take up to 7 business days.


Participants and/or Mail Service Providers (MSPs) can fill out a registration form on the Business Customer Gateway through the Share Mail link within the Mailing Services section.

Once registration is complete, the Postal Service assigns the account holder a six-digit or nine-digit mailer ID — the account holder may use this ID only on Share Mail letters or postcards.

Mailpiece Authorization

Before printing pieces, the account holder must complete the following steps (see Section 3 for further details about mailpiece design):

  1. Complete the enrollment process into the Share Mail Program through the Business Customer Gateway.
  2. Submit to the Program Office a high-quality electronic image of its mailpiece design for review and approval according to mailpiece specifications for Share Mail. The provided image must contain either defined outer edges or crop marks.
  3. Note: The Postal Service highly recommends that account holders do not print the proposed mailpieces until after they have received approval for the mailpiece design.

  4. Receive email notification of mailpiece design approval from the Program Office to begin printing and distribution.