Sanctioned Country License Exceptions

The following list shows some of the limited types of shipments that may be allowed under U.S. law without the need for an export license. However, you are responsible for ensuring whether additional U.S. or foreign conditions or requirements apply. Please note, for example, that when sending allowable goods to Iran, Sudan, or Syria, you must still complete the mandatory filing via the Census Bureau’s AES Direct website to obtain an ITN for such goods.

It is recommended that you check with BIS and/or OFAC before mailing your shipment to any of the countries listed here.



North Korea

Note: Currently, no goods may be mailed to North Korea.



When shipping goods as a humanitarian donation, be sure to check the “Humanitarian Donation” box in the content description section of PS Form 2976 or in block 5 of PS Form 2976-A. Please see the images below for the applicable blocks of PS Forms 2976 and 2976-A.

PS Form 2976, Content Description Section

PS Form 2976 and enlargement of content description section

PS Form 2976-A, Block 5

PS Form 2976-A and enlargement of Block 5

Additional information on current sanction programs and specific information on what items can be mailed to sanctioned countries is available at