International Addressing Guidelines

To ensure compliance with export laws, the Postal Service and other federal agencies review information about senders, recipients, and contents on all international shipping labels.

To minimize delay or returned mail, make sure your shipping label is accurate, in the right place, and easy to read, as described below:

  • Accurate. Ensure that addresses and all information on the customs declaration form, including the contents of the package, are entered completely and accurately. Be sure to include your email address or telephone number on the package or customs declaration in case the Postal Service needs to contact you for more information or clarification.
  • In the right place. Place the shipping label and customs declaration form close together on the same side of your package, being careful not to cover up any information.
  • Easy to read. Ensure that the full address is typed or written in English. You can use a foreign language address in the address section if the names of the city, province, and country are also indicated in English.
  • graphic displays international addressing guidelines