2 Procedures at Origin Office

2-1 Postage Payment

Mailings are verified at origin by Postal Service employees assigned to a detached mail unit (DMU) at a mailer’s plant or at the business mail entry unit (BMEU) at the origin Post Office serving the mailer’s plant. Throughout the remainder of this publication, the term “origin office” refers to the location where the mailing was verified and accepted.

Following acceptance and postage payment, PVDS mailings are then released to the mailer for transportation to destination Postal Service facilities. The shipment is deposited at the destination Postal Service facility by the mailer where it is received as mail by Postal Service employees and released for processing.

Postage is paid under PVDS as follows:

  1. For Periodicals, postage is paid at a valid original entry or an additional entry Post Office serving the mailer’s plant, unless an alternative postage payment method is authorized.
  2. For Standard Mail, Parcel Select, and Package Services, postage and fees are paid under a valid permit at the Post Office serving the mailer’s plant or as designated by the district manager.