2-8 Bedload Guidelines

2-8.1 Bedloading Parcels

A mailer may present bedloaded DNDC parcels if the mailer’s vehicle has a road-to-bed height of 50 (+2) inches. If applicable, separate mail to be entered at different destinations to prevent mixing of mailings for deposit at different destinations. DNDC may be bedloaded for deposit at Network Distribution Centers/Auxiliary Service Facilities (NDCs/ASFs) and DDU mailings may be bedloaded for deposit at DDUs.

Stack the heaviest parcels on the bottom and the lightest parcels on top. Items weighing 35 pounds or more should not be stacked above 60 inches from the trailer floor. Stack outside parcels (i.e., those that exceed machinable dimensions) against the walls or on the tail of the trailer whenever possible. When commingled with the rest of the mailing, the parcels must be stacked no higher than 60 inches and in such a manner as to maintain load integrity during transit.