3-7 Recurring Appointments

A recurring appointment may be established at the discretion of the destination facility manager through an online request in the FAST system by the mailer. A recurring appointment is a drop shipment that arrives consistently on the same day or days of the week, during the same time period with approximately the same mail contents on the same type of transportation.

The Postal Service facility manager or postmaster of the destination entry office responds to all requests within 10 business days. The approval process must include a review of facility slot and volume constraints for the days of the recurring appointment request.

Once approved, a recurring appointment remains valid until the mailer’s appointment profile changes and no longer meets the conditions originally agreed to by the Postal Service. Contact information for recurring appointments should be reviewed at least every 6 months to ensure the information on file is correct. Failure to adhere to scheduled appointments or other abuse of the procedures will result in revocation of recurring appointment privileges.