Transmittal Letter

Drop Shipment Procedures for Destination Entry

Publication 804 October 2013

Transmittal Letter

A. Explanation. We developed Publication 804, Drop Shipment Procedures for Destination Entry, to help Postal Service employees handle plant-verified drop shipments (PVDS) accepted by an origin entry office and received by a destination entry office. The procedures in this publication supplement the standards in Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) and establish official Postal Service policy for handling drop shipments for Periodicals, Standard Mail, and Package Services, including Parcel Select.

B. Revision Information. The differences between this October 2013 edition and the October 2011 edition include the addition of sections that discuss the procedures and references to eInduction, as noted in the following list:


Also included are minor revisions to the following sections:


C. Availability. This publication is available online as follows:

(The direct URL for the PolicyNet Web site is

D. Comments on Content. Send comments or questions about the content of this publication to:

WASHINGTON DC 20260-7101

E. Cancellations. All previous issues of Publication 804 are obsolete.

F. Effective Date. This publication is effective October 2013.

Marty J. Bender
Manager, Processing and Distribution Center Operations

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