Innovation & Sustainability

In today’s Postal Service™, innovation and sustainability are important in all aspects of the business. We apply new ideas to our structure, processes, products, and services to become a leaner, faster, and smarter organization. As technology and customer needs change, we continue to rely on the creativity and innovation of the entrepreneurial community to help us do this and keep the Postal Service on the path of long term sustainability.

The Unsolicited Proposal Program (UPP) provides companies and entrepreneurs the opportunity to submit new technologies or ideas to improve postal operations.  An unsolicited proposal is the offer to sell the rights to ideas, concepts, products, processes, or technology to the Postal Service.  It is considered unsolicited because it is not submitted in response to a solicitation, request for proposal (RFP), or any other Postal Service-initiated solicitation or program.  The UPP guidelines are available in Publication 131 under "Doing Business With Us" at®.

Along with price, quality, and delivery standards, the Postal Service will continue to explore innovative and sustainable supply chains, from Initial evaluation of the requirements and specifications of what we buy to how we transport, warehouse, fulfill, consume, reuse, recycle, and dispose.  Suppliers who focus on innovation and sustainability have a competitive advantage in today’s supply market.