Emergency Preparedness Appropriation

Emergency preparedness appropriations were received from Congress to help pay the costs of keeping the mail, postal employees and postal customers safe, and are restricted for such use. These funds were accounted for as deferred revenue upon receipt and were generally utilized to procure capital equipment. Revenue for emergency preparedness appropriations is recognized when depreciation expense for the purchased equipment is recorded. The emergency preparedness appropriations revenue recognized during the years ended September 30 was $63 million in 2010, $64 million in 2009, and $61 million in 2008.

Deferred revenue at September 30 related to emergency preparedness appropriations was $423 million in 2010 and $486 million in 2009. The current portion is included in Prepaid box rent and other deferred revenue, and the noncurrent portion is included in “Deferred appropriations and other revenue” on the Balance Sheets.