Investing in the Future

Never underestimate the power of mail, as a way to connect people, conduct commerce and merge the hard-copy and digital worlds in innovative and impactful ways. The mailing industry continues to help power our nation’s economy. Contrary to reports of mail’s imminent demise, revenue attributed to the mailing industry is growing. Here at the Postal Service, we’re not standing still — we never have. We have a long history of adaptation, embracing new technologies and innovating to meet the evolving needs of the people we serve. We’ll keep investing in the future because we’re always looking forward.

While we continue to face financial challenges, our FY2015 results reflect our progress. The Postal Service continues to work with Congress and other key stakeholders to develop comprehensive legislation that results in meaningful, beneficial reforms to improve our business model and ensure long-term financial stability. At the same time, we’re taking steps to help us succeed in a growing and competitive marketplace. For years, we’ve been upgrading our information technology platform, equipment and processes to generate accurate and high-quality data. In many ways, the entire organization is going through a data-driven transformation. How we use this information is changing the way we manage the organization. We’re empowering employees with actionable, real-time data and analytics, and we’ll continue to refine and improve the information and tools we use.

The continued double-digit growth of shipping and packages services is a direct result of our efforts to offer consumers more choice, excellent value and reliable service. The digital economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to address the needs of our customers, and we’re making improvements to our network and infrastructure. However, the combination of package revenue growth and improved productivity gains are still not sufficient to offset mail volume declines and inflationary pressures, largely due to contractual increases in operating expenses. This underscores the need for a combination of continued revenue growth, increased efficiency and legislative reforms to ensure we can restore our financial viability, while continuing to meet our public service obligations.