Other Officers*

Drew T. Aliperto

Vice President, Area Operations (Western)

Michael J. Amato

Vice President, Engineering Systems

Susan M. Brownell

Vice President, Supply Management

William A. Campbell

Judicial Officer

Brian W. Carnell

A⁄Vice President, Information Technology

Robert Cintron

Vice President, Enterprise Analytics

Joshua D. Colin

Vice President, Area Operations (Eastern)

Guy J. Cottrell

Chief Postal Inspector

Gregory S. Crabb

A⁄Vice President, Chief Information Security
Officer and Digital Solutions

Jo Ann Feindt

Vice President, Area Operations (Southern)

Dean J. Granholm

Vice President, Area Operations (Pacific)

Elizabeth A. Johnson

A⁄Vice President, Corporate Communications

Jacqueline Krage Strako

Vice President, Area Operations (Great Lakes)

Linda M. Malone

Vice President, Network Operations

Maura A. McNerney

Vice President, Controller

Pritha N. Mehra

Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment

Julie S. Moore

Secretary of the Board of Governors

Shaun E. Mossman

Vice President, Finance and Planning

James A. Nemec

Vice President, Consumer and Industry Affairs

Edward F. Phelan, Jr.

Vice President, Delivery Operations

Gary C. Reblin

Vice President, New Products and Innovation

Nancy L. Rettinhouse

A⁄Vice President, Employee Resource Management

Cliff Rucker

Vice President, Sales

Tom A. Samra

Vice President, Facilities

Cynthia Sanchez-Hernandez

Vice President, Pricing

Kristin A. Seaver

Vice President, Area Operations (Capital Metro)

Kelly M. Sigmon

Vice President, Retail and Customer Service

Douglas A. Tulino

Vice President, Labor Relations

Richard P. Uluski

Vice President, Area Operations (Northeast)

Giselle E. Valera

Vice President, Global Business

*As of September 30, 2015.

Postal vehicle driving away from a rural mailbox.

A universal delivery service that connects people.

Mission — The Postal Service mission is to provide a reliable, efficient, trusted and affordable universal delivery service that connects people and helps businesses grow.

Vision — The Postal Service is dedicated to improving its services, products and capabilities to adapt to the changing needs of customers in the digital age.