Postage Statement Forms

Mailer may choose to submit postage statements online or manually:

Option 1 - Utilize the Postal Wizard online submission functionality in the PostalOne!® application.

The Postal Wizard (PW) Web pages provide a secure way to submit a postage statement online. Postal Wizard automatically populates the Permit Holder section of the postage statement based on the account number provided, guides the user through the items needed to complete the statement, and verifies the provided information meets postal regulations. As part of the process, postage is automatically calculated, though it will not be charged until a postal employee processes the associated mailing. Once the postage statement is complete, the electronic statement may be submitted directly to the acceptance unit.

Alternately, the PostalOne! system accepts postage statements electronically submitted using industry-standard Mail.dat® or Mail.XML™ files.

Electronic submission requires PostalOne! access. You can apply for PostalOne! Manage Mailing Activity service through the Business Customer Gateway.

Option 2 - Manually complete statements if you cannot apply for access to the system or if the PostalOne! system is not available in your area.

You can manually complete paper postage statements. The forms are available in PDF format and can be found at: Use the Postal Explorer’s Business Rate Calculator to assist you in calculating postage.

If a Postal facility is NOT participating in the PostalOne! program, USPS personnel can use Option 2 as defined above. If a Postal facility is interested in participating in the PostalOne! program, they should contact their District Business Mail Entry Manager.