3-3 Section 508 Program Manager, Information Technology

The Section 508 Program Manager, as designated by the VP/CTO, does the following:

  1. Coordinates overall activities undertaken by the Postal Service in guiding our response to Section 508.
  2. Develops and disseminates Postal Service policies, procedures, and requirements, related to achieving implementation of, compliance with, and institutionalization of Section 508.
  3. Provides high–level technical guidance on the EIT accessibility standards.
  4. Identifies functional organization stewardships that correspond to the Section 508 technical specification standards in the following products and services areas:
    1. Software applications and operating systems.
    2. Web–based intranet and Internet information and applications.
    3. Telecommunications.
    4. Video and multimedia.
    5. Self–contained, closed products.
    6. Desktop and portable computers.
  5. Identifies functional organization stewardships that correspond to the non–technical specifications of the law and standards for the following areas:
    1. Purchasing.
    2. Consumer complaints.
    3. Employee complaints.
    4. Legal guidance.
  6. Prepares and provides the Postal Service's input to the U.S. Department of Justice for inclusion in the Attorney General's biennial government–wide accessibility report to the President. Prepares other reports as required by the Department of Justice.
  7. Identifies an agency Section 508 coordinator and backup coordinator and provides this information to the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (hereafter, “Access Board”) and General Services Administration (GSA) Section 508 Interagency Program.
  8. Serves as the Postal Service liaison to the Access Board and GSA Interagency Program.
  9. Directs the Section 508 Program Team by doing the following:
    1. Managing the day–to–day program activities.
    2. Addressing the varying demands of the program.
    3. Establishing program objectives.
    4. Facilitating coordination of stewardships across the Postal Service in the following areas:
      1. Standards definitions and integration.
      2. Evaluation processes.
      3. Training for all audiences.
    5. Providing a framework for communication vehicles: handbook, brochures, and videos.
    6. Creating and conducting education and awareness throughout the agency.
    7. Reporting program status to senior management.
  10. Coordinates and implements processes resulting in the institutionalization of Section 508.