3-4 Technical Stewards

The VP/CTO designates a Technical Steward for each of the six EIT accessibility standards. Technical Stewards do the following for their respective EIT standards:

  1. Serve as the Postal Service technical experts.
  2. Provide technical guidance and support for the content of Postal Service Section 508 policy and technical documents to enable the Postal Service to comply with Section 508 when purchasing or developing EIT.
  3. Provide technical guidance and support to Postal Service organizations on their specific 508 standards.
  4. Establish testing and evaluation of benchmarks that are in harmony with the generic testing approaches and techniques defined in Handbook AS–508–A, Section 508 Technical Reference Guide.
  5. Stay abreast of changes to the technical standards and update Postal Service Section 508 policy and technical documents accordingly.
  6. Help functional organizations respond to inquiries and complaints concerning the class of technology for which they are the stewards.
  7. Create and conduct training on the technical area of their stewardship.
  8. Coordinate among stewardships to ensure that interpretations rendered by stewards are consistent and to address issues that arise when EIT solutions are covered by more than one Section 508 standard.
  9. Promote ongoing communications and education within the Postal Service.
  10. Represent the Postal Service on interagency working groups to further understanding and consistency of technical guidance.