3-4 Dating Postmarks for Multiple–Day Events

When a temporary philatelic station is operated for more than 1 day, the postmark used for each day of the event must display the date only for that day. Consequently, stations operated for more than 1 day actually require more than one postmark stamp or a stamp that has a “date–plug” for changing dates.

In many cases, the design for a multiple–day event contains a “bull's–eye” whose date changes each day, but other designs incorporate the date in different parts of the text. Exhibit 3–4a shows properly designed postmarks for multiple–day events.

Multiple dates must not appear in a postmark. Exhibit 3–4b shows an improperly designed postmark displaying multiple dates.

Exhibit 3-4a

Properly Designed Postmarks for Multiple–Day Events


Exhibit 3-4b

Improperly Designed Postmark Displaying Multiple Dates