5 Approving or Rejecting Requests

5-1 Overview

A request for a pictorial postmark occurs as follows:

  1. Sponsor makes a request.
  2. Postmaster reviews the request and approves or disapproves postmark.
  3. If approved, postmaster completes PS Form 413, Pictorial Postmark Announcement and Report, and forwards it to the district manager (or designee) for review.
  4. District manager (or designee) reviews the postmark and, if acceptable, forwards PS Form 413 to the program manager of pictorial postmarks in Stamp Services at Postal Service Headquarters.
  5. Program manager of pictorial postmarks reviews the postmark and, if acceptable, forwards it to the Postal Bulletin editor at Postal Service Headquarters.
  6. Postal Bulletin editor reviews the submitted material and, if acceptable, publishes it in the Postal Bulletin.