6-3 Arranging Local Publicity

The postmaster should contact the area Public Affairs and Communications office to coordinate publicity for a pictorial postmark offered at a temporary philatelic station. The area Public Affairs and Communications office will assist in developing and distributing press releases to local newspapers. (See Administrative Support Manual (ASM), section 335.)

An announcement must be posted on the main Post Office lobby bulletin board so that collectors can be advised of the temporary philatelic station. Announcements also may be posted in other Post Offices within commuting distance of the event. For larger events, the announcement may also be posted throughout the district or as requested by Headquarters.

Announcements should be placed on display at least 15 days but not more than 30 days before the event.

All announcements should include the following information:

  1. The name of the event.
  2. The location, dates, and hours of operation of the temporary station.
  3. A copy of the pictorial postmark.

Announcements should focus on the philatelic products and aspects of the event, including mail–back service for those unable to attend. (See 9-1.2.) Announcements should not include unnecessary promotional information about other aspects of the event. Additionally, the Post Office must not distribute free flyers to homes, sell or distribute tickets, exchange ticket coupons, or authorize the use of Post Office facilities for direct event promotion.

Postal Service publications used for announcements include Newsbreak and Postal News. Samples of these publications are shown in Exhibit 6–3a and Exhibit 6–3b. Announcements also may be made on Postal Service television and radio networks.