Transmittal Letter

Pictorial Postmarks

Handbook PO-230 August 2011

Transmittal Letter

A. Explanation. Two of the key strategies in the Postal Service Transformation Plan are to enhance revenue opportunities by leveraging existing assets and to continue to seek opportunities to leverage our brand and assets to create new products and services with minimal investment. The Pictorial Postmarks program contributes to both of these strategies because these philatelic postmarks enhance the equity of the Postal Service brand and generate new and continuing revenue. In addition, the Pictorial Postmarks program offers communities across America a way to commemorate local events.

B. Purpose. This handbook provides general information about and procedures for the Pictorial Postmark program.

C. Audience. This handbook is for Postal Service personnel, including postmasters and district managers, who are responsible for pictorial postmarks.

D. Distribution.

1. Printed copies. You may order printed copies from the Material Distribution Center (MDC) using the Touch Tone Order Entry (TTOE) system. Call 800–273–1509, Option 2.

Note: You must be registered to use TTOE and must wait 48 hours after registering before you place your first order.

2. Intranet availability. Handbook PO–230 is available on the Postal Service Intranet:

a. Go to

b. Under “Essential Links” in the left–hand column, click PolicyNet.

c. Click HBKS.

3. Internet availability. Handbook PO–230 is also available on the Postal Service Web site at and

E. Comments and Questions. Send a memorandum with comments and questions regarding the content of this handbook to:

Pictorial Postmark Program Manager
Stamp Fulfillment Services
PO Box 449992
Kansas City MO 64144-9992

Fax: 816-545-1206


F. Effective Date. This handbook is effective August 2011.

Signature of Stephen Kearney

Stephen Kearney
Stamp Services

Signature of Marie Therese Dominguez

Marie Therese Dominguez
Senior Vice President
Government Relations & Public Policy