1 Introduction

Handbook PO–230, Pictorial Postmarks, organizes in one document the guidelines and procedures for managing the Pictorial Postmark program efficiently, consistently, and in accordance with national policies. It is intended to serve as a guide for new and veteran postmasters, marketing managers, Customer Relations coordinators, and pictorial postmark program managers. It also serves as a working reference for everyone involved in philately.

Most of the information in this handbook is found in the Postal Operations Manual (POM). However, some of the information here has been revised specifically to address pictorial postmarks. Additionally, some new guidelines and procedures have been incorporated into the program.

This handbook will be updated periodically and reissued. Recommendations are helpful in revising the handbook and making it more useful. Submit your comments or suggestions to the following address:

Pictorial Postmark Program Manager
Stamp Fulfillment Services
PO Box 449992
Kansas City MO 64144-9992

Fax: 816-545-1206

e-mail: PictorialPostmarks@usps.gov