Addressing and Labeling

Shippers must meet the requirements for addressing and labeling of bypass mail as noted in the DMM. All shippers must submit to the Postal Service for review a proposed label intended to be used for bypass mail before acceptance in the program. This label must conform to the requirements in this Attachment C. All bypass mail must be addressed to a physical location at the destination — a Post Office box is not acceptable as an address. When there are no street names at the destination, the address may include just the name of the addressee and the city, state, and ZIP Code™, as noted in the example below:


Bypass mail may be transported to a hub point destination on large aircraft, but for further delivery to a bush destination, the mail might be transferred to smaller aircraft. Therefore, each mailpiece on the pallet must have an address label as shown in Attachment C. The Postal Service accepts bypass mail shipments only for destinations indicated in Attachment D.

Each pallet must also include a completed bypass mail process placard (see Attachment B), including appropriate postage, affixed to a piece of mail at the top of the pallet.