Restrictions to acceptability are noted below:

  1. Mail must be prepared consistent with DMM requirements. Under no circumstances may any mailpiece on the pallet intended for mailing exceed 108 inches (length and girth combined) or weigh more than 70 pounds.
  2. Accountable mail (insured, COD, certified, etc.) is not acceptable as bypass mail. (Accountable mail requires the signature of the addressee or the addressee’s agent upon receipt to provide proof of delivery or indemnification for loss or damage.)
  3. Building construction materials are not acceptable as bypass mail. This includes lumber, insulation, flooring, concrete, cement, or other materials for construction. For questions about whether items are considered building construction materials (and therefore are not acceptable in the bypass mail system), contact the Networks Specialist in Anchorage at 907-266-3353/3275/3265.
  4. Freeze and chill items are accepted into the bypass mail system. However, shippers and addressees must understand that these types of items are entered into the mailstream at the shipper’s risk. The Postal Service does not have freezers or coolers to store such items, nor does the Postal Service require air carriers to have freezers or coolers. Many air carriers provide the use of their freezers and coolers for temporary storage until flight time or delivery. Some air carriers at hub points have freezers and coolers. Due to the diverse weather conditions in Alaska, there are times that these items may arrive at the final destination in a spoiled or thawed condition. To reduce damage and loss to freeze and chill merchandise, the shipper must adhere to the following requirements:
    1. Segregate all freeze and chill items on their own pallets.
    2. Clearly identify pieces and pallets of freeze and chill items as appropriate.
    3. Verify that all freeze items are frozen solid at the time of acceptance at the air carrier’s facility.
    4. Package all freeze items so that, in the event of a thaw, adjacent packages are not damaged.
  5. The Postal Service does not accept for bypass mail items identified as “hazardous material” by any of the following entities: the Postal Service, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), or the Department of Transportation (DOT). If the Postal Service finds any hazardous material in a bypass mail shipment, it will refuse the entire shipment. If a second violation occurs, the Postal Service will remove the shipper from the bypass mail process. The shipper should contact DOT or the local air carrier for specific instructions concerning hazardous material.