Palletizing and Packaging

For mailings that are not containerized, the shipper must secure the mail to the pallet by shrinkwrap before delivery to the air carrier so that it will be secure and stable and will be able to maintain unit integrity during transit. All pallets must conform to DMM regulations, with the exception of overall dimensions — the overall dimensions of the palletized load may not exceed 40 inches x 48 inches x 72 inches (width x length x height). The weight on a pallet should be uniformly distributed, with denser products on the bottom. The maximum weight of each pallet load is 2,500 pounds. The weight of each shipment must be at least 1,000 pounds. If a shipment weighs less than the required weight, the Postal Service may consider it unacceptable for bypass mail acceptance. The shipper must enter the shipment at the appropriate air carrier facility to affect mailing.