5-3.2 Pay Document

5-3.2.1 General

PS Form 2734, Mail Exception Report, is a pay document. Postal Service dispatch personnel responsible for processing PS Form 2734 must verify that all the information on it was recorded correctly.

5-3.2.2 Responsibility for Preparation

The delivering air carrier is responsible for initiating PS Form 2734. If the air carrier fails to prepare the document or prepares it inaccurately, the administrative official completes PS Form 2759 to charge the air carrier with failure to notify (non-reporting of data). An air carrier’s recurring problems with preparing PS Form 2734 may impact future tender of mail.

5-3.2.3 Completion

The receiving air carrier must complete and distribute PS Form 2734 to report the following exceptions to and deviations from normal procedures when mail is delivered to a Postal Service facility other than the intended destination or to an air carrier not specified in the original billing:

  1. Missed interline or intraline connection.
  2. Canceled.
  3. Carried by.
  4. Overflew.
  5. Failed to load.
  6. Loaded in error.
  7. Removed in error.
  8. Landed short.
  9. Failed to provide second interline.
  10. Upgraded non-priority rate service mail to priority rate service mail.

5-3.2.4 Reviewing PS Form 2734

A Postal Service unit receiving a PS Form 2734 from an air carrier is required to review the form to ensure that it is correct and complete.

After receiving a PS Form 2734 from an air carrier, the Postal Service unit has 24 hours to note if the form is incorrect or incomplete and to return it to the air carrier for correction or completion. Then the air carrier has 24 hours after receiving the incorrect or incomplete PS Form 2734 to complete or correct it and return it to the Postal Service.

5-3.2.5 Acceptance of Repossessed Mail

Postal Service employees must not accept mail from an air carrier without a PS Form 2734 accounting for the mail listed on a dispatch document, regardless of the number of pieces of mail, or because of any of the following deviations:

  1. The air carrier failed to load the mail dispatched.
  2. The air carrier returned the mail dispatched.
  3. The air carrier delivered the mail to a postal unit other than the destination shown on the D&R Tag, Label AK-53, pouch label, or sack label.
  4. The air carrier returned the mail to the originating Postal Service unit for dispatch to another air carrier.

5-3.2.6 Disposition of PS Form 2734

PS Form 2734 is a six-part form, and the various parts (copies) are distributed as follows:

  1. Original/Copy 1: Submitted to the receiving air carrier for billing.
  2. Copies 2, 3, and 6: Submitted to the postmaster/supervisor of the Postal Service unit where the air carrier prepared the form. After providing approval on Surface-Air Management System Alaska (S–AMS Alaska), the postmaster sends copies 2 and 3 to the TANS office and retains Copy 6 for the unit’s records.
  3. Copy 4: Submitted to the delivery air carrier for billing.
  4. Copy 5: Submitted to the receiving air carrier station.

Note: The air carrier must distribute all copies of PS Form 2734 immediately if possible, but no later than the end of the business day following the day of transfer.