9-5.2 Review Meetings

9-5.2.1 Overview

Review meetings are held at least once monthly as directed by the plant manager of the Anchorage P&DC, the AMF manager, or the manager (or designee) of the TANS office.

9-5.2.2 Scheduling Meetings

The Postal Service official schedules meetings with the air carriers at least once monthly, or more frequently, if necessary. The Postal Service official should schedule meetings to meet the distribution requirements as defined in 9-5.2.4.

9-5.2.3 Reviewing PS Forms 2759

During each meeting, the AMF manager or the manager of the TANS office reviews the PS Forms 2759 issued since the previous meeting and advises the air carrier of any incident for which an assessment is considered. The air carrier may comment, verbally or in writing, on any incident reviewed. The Postal Service official must summarize any verbal comments and then record them on the PS Form 2759 in question, or on a separate sheet of paper to be attached to the form. The Postal Service official must also staple to the PS Form 2759 any written comments made by the air carrier.

9-5.2.4 Form Completion and Distribution

At the conclusion of each meeting, the reviewing official checks the box marked “Recommended” or “Not Recommended” located at the bottom of each PS Form 2759, and then separates the forms by “Recommended” and “Not Recommended” categories. Once monthly, the reviewing official must complete PS Form 2766, Summary of Mail Handling Irregularities, and forward that form along with the separated PS Forms 2759 to WADN, Denver. These forms must arrive no later than the tenth day of the month following the service month (e.g., January irregularities are due by February 10).