2-24.2 Types of Proposals

Proposals may be made in writing or orally as follows:

  • Written proposals — These provide a clearer understanding of the requirement and should be used whenever practicable.
  • Oral proposals — These are used when the written proposal is impracticable (e.g., processing a written solicitation would cause a delay detrimental to the Postal Service or a standing price quotation is being verified). Oral presentations may speed up the evaluation process and provide a better picture of both the supplier’s understanding of the proposal’s requirements and its proposed approach to meeting the Postal Service’s needs.
  • Standing price quotations — If the practice is for suppliers to furnish standing price quotations on supplies or services required on a recurring basis, then this information may be used instead of issuing a written proposal for each purchase. The contracting officer must ensure that the price information is current and that the Postal Service obtains the benefit of the suppliers’ trade discounts.