2-24 Review and Finalize Request for Proposals (RFP)

2-24.1 General

The preliminary request for proposals (RFP), which was developed during
2-2, Start Request for Proposal (RFP) Development, outlines client requirements and contract expectations. After the purchase/SCM team has conducted activities relating to the Collect Ideas and Build Fact Base and Develop Sourcing Strategy tasks of Process Step 2: Evaluate Sources, the RFP must be revisited (including statement of objectives (SOO), statement of work (SOW), specifications, and product descriptions) to ensure that the document is clear of loopholes and addresses all the necessary requirements and conditions of the purchase. RFPs must be amended when changes to the quantity, specifications, delivery schedule, date of receipt of proposals, or clarifications or corrections to solicitation ambiguities or defects must be made. Such amendments are made by the contracting officer and are discussed in Section 2-29, Issue Amendments. The contracting officer is responsible for finalizing the RFP and must review it to ensure the following: