2-25.2 Identifying and Selecting Members

Members can be from the purchase/SCM team, other Postal Service specialists (e.g., Finance or Assigned counsel) or external experts (care must be taken to ensure that there are no organizational conflicts of interest if an outside representative is selected). Individuals selected for the proposal evaluation team must have the proper skills and the ability to support the evaluation. Each member will bring something unique to the team; his or her individuality helps make the team process powerful. The most important characteristics for consideration in member selection include:

Other important proposal evaluation team formation issues are:

The contracting officer is responsible for forming the proposal evaluation team and will work with the purchase/SCM team to identify internal and external candidates. Depending upon the complexity and importance of the RFP, the proposal evaluation team may be comprised of writers of the RFP, subject matter specialists, and outside consultants; the team should include only those members and functions that directly support the evaluation.

All members of the Proposal Evaluation Team are required to complete a Conflict of Interest Certification and Non Disclosure Agreement. Additionally, as discussed above, when non USPS employees are members of the Proposal Evaluation Team, the contracting officer should take steps to safeguard against or mitigate any conflicts of interest.