2-37.1 Discussions

Discussions are held when the purchase/SCM team needs to generate further information and facts regarding proposed terms and conditions, and clarify any possible misunderstandings with a supplier. The contracting officer is responsible for leading discussions. Discussions during the implementation of the proposal evaluation strategy are held to:

During the evaluation process, including during oral presentations, discussions may be held with any supplier to clear up misunderstandings or uncertainties or to gain a better understanding of the supplier’s proposal (including price) in order to obtain a more informed comparison of the relative value of individual proposals.

After proposal comparisons have been made, further discussions may be held to address any outstanding matters. Suppliers whose offers are the subject of discussion at any stage must be given sufficient time to revise their proposals in light of those discussions.

By this point in the Evaluate Proposals task of USPS Supplying Practices Process Step 2: Evaluate Sources, the proposal evaluation team has determined and eliminated from consideration those suppliers that have submitted proposals with risks that cannot be mitigated and/or do not have the necessary technical and financial capabilities.

Before entering into discussions, the purchase/SCM team must: