2-40.2 Best Value Determination and Award Recommendation

2-40.2.1 Competitive

After proposal evaluation, comparative analysis, and ranking of the proposals (including price proposals), and, after any final discussions and negotiations with selected suppliers, it must be determined which supplier (or suppliers) offers the best value to the Postal Service. The contracting officer must then make a recommendation to the purchase/SCM team after consideration of the information provided by the proposal evaluation team. Information to be considered in the decision includes the following:

These judgments must be consistent with the relative significance of the identified performance evaluation factors and the relationship of those factors to cost/price factors as established in the proposal evaluation strategy and described in the request for proposals (RFP).

2-40.2.2 Noncompetitive

After evaluation of the supplier’s proposal and discussions/negotiations with the supplier, the contracting officer must make a determination that the noncompetitive purchase will provide the best value to the Postal Service and further the Postal Service’s business and competitive interests. If the value of the proposed contract exceeds the contracting officer’s noncompetitive approval authority, the contracting officer must make a recommendation regarding the proposed contract to the appropriate approval authority.