3-2.2 Publicizing Contract Awards

To encourage future competition, promote competition in subcontracting, and support SMWOB participation in awarded requirements, the Postal Service publicizes competitive and noncompetitive contract awards that may have significant subcontracting opportunities. Such awards are generally publicized in the GPE, also known as SAM (https://sam.gov). While a matter of judgment, such awards are normally valued over $500,000 with individual subcontract opportunities over $50,000. However, all noncompetitive contract awards valued at $1 million or more must be publicized upon award in accordance with Section 2-10.3.8, Publicizing, even if no subcontracting opportunities exist. Other awards may be publicized when, in the judgment of the contracting officer, such publicizing will benefit future competition or other Postal Service business interests. Publicizing noncompetitive contract awards as required at $1 million or more informs the public of unique Postal Service requirements when competition was not used. Publication of these awards encourages suppliers who may not have current capabilities to meet requirements to develop the same, offer alternative solutions, or provide for product innovation for future opportunities.

Upon award of a contract, the supplier may wish to provide for a press release or other formal communication regarding its relationship with the Postal Service. While such announcement is not prohibited after Postal Service review and approval, contracting officer approval considerations should include whether such announcement may potentially harm other Postal Service supplier relationships or act as an endorsement of the supplier or their product. Factual statements generally may be approved. Endorsement of suppliers or their alignment to Postal Service images, trademarks, or other intellectual property is prohibited unless specifically approved by Brand and Policy. As a result, Postal Service employees should not make any comments regarding the Postal Service’s business performance or prospects (e.g., major contracts to be signed, financial outlook) unless carefully coordinated with assigned counsel. Clause B-25: Advertising of Contract Awards, which is incorporated by reference in Clause 4-2: Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Policies, Statutes or Executive Orders, states that a supplier may not imply that the Postal Service endorses its products nor, unless approved by the contracting officer, refer in its public statements and commercial advertising that it has been awarded a Postal Service contract.