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Announce Award

The Purchase/SCM Team is responsible for preparing internal and external announcements of the contract award.

Advance Announcement of Contract Award to Public Affairs and Communications

The Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications (VP, PAC) plans, approves and manages the public affairs effort for the Postal Service. Contract awards that exceed $5 million and contract awards of any dollar value that result from spend analysis, strategic sourcing and leveraging and that result in an exclusive or mandatory contract for the Postal Service may have significant media impact and/or may generate interest on the part of Congress. The following procedures apply to preparing and submitting advance announcement of contract awards to PAC. The Contracting Officer will:

Determine whether the contract award exceeds $5 million or otherwise requires announcement

Prepare an announcement of award

Submit notice to the Vice President, Supply Management (VP, SM) at least two business days before the anticipated date of award

Issue/distribute the announcement at least one day before the anticipated date of award, as discussed in the Advance Announcement of Contract Award template

Retain a copy of the announcement in the official contract file

The Public Relations unit of PAC will prepare a draft press release based on the information given in the announcement and will provide the draft to the Manager of the Category Management Center (CMC) for review. No information will be released to the media until the Manager of the CMC has approved the press release.

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Announcement of Contract Award for Board of Governors' Approved Programs

Award announcements must be prepared for all Board of Governors' approved programs. This requirement is in addition to the advance notice of award discussed above. The award announcement will be prepared by the Contracting Officer with the assistance of the Client, and is approved by the Manager of the CMC.

The award announcement will be sent to the VP, SM two days before actual contract award. On the day of award, the announcement will be delivered to the Postmaster General (PMG) for his or her signature. The Board of Governors must receive the announcement after the award, but before the award is made public. The Board of Governors Award Announcement Template provides instruction for preparation.

The VP, SM may determine at his or her discretion whether an announcement of an award that has not required previous Board of Governors' approval should be made.

The Contracting Officer is responsible for distributing the approved announcement on the day of award to:

Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Operating Officer

Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Secretary to the Board of Governors

Manager, Administration, Office of PMG

Vice President for organization initiating the requirement

Publicizing Contract Awards

To promote competition in subcontracting, the Postal Service publicizes contract awards, competitive or noncompetitive, having significant subcontracting opportunities. Such awards must be publicized in the Government-wide Point of Entry (GPE), which is accessible via the Internet at http://www.fedbizopps.gov.

Although a matter of judgment, these awards are normally valued over $500,000 with individual subcontract opportunities over $50,000. Contract awards may also be publicized in newspapers, trade journals, and magazines. Other awards may be publicized when, in the judgment of the Purchase/SCM Team, such publicizing will benefit future competition. All noncompetitive contract awards valued at more than $1 million must be publicized in the GPE, and other media as appropriate, upon award.

Upon award of a contract, the Supplier may request that the Postal Service release a formal communication regarding the relationship. Although such publicity may be beneficial to the Supplier, in many cases it may potentially harm other Postal Service supplier relationships. For example, as soon as one supplier is effectively endorsed, it becomes difficult to justify why the Postal Service should not endorse another. As a result, Postal Service employees should not make any comments regarding the Postal Service's business performance or prospects (e.g., major contracts to be signed, financial outlook) unless carefully coordinated with Legal Counsel. Clause B-25: Advertising of Contract Awards is incorporated by reference in Clause 4-2: Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Policies, Statutes, or Executive Orders.

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Other Topics Considered

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Clauses & Provisions

Clause B-25: Advertising of Contract Awards

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