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Appoint Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs)

Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs) represent the Contracting Officer in dealings with a supplier. A COR is delegated responsibilities and duties and is authorized to take action regarding the administration of the actual awarded contract, in accordance with Clause 6-1: Contracting Officer's Representative. COR duties and responsibilities are delineated in the Contracting Officer's Representative Letter of Appointment. It is the responsibility of the Contracting Officer to determine whether and when to appoint a COR regarding the planned administration of a contract.

In accordance with Clause 6-1: Contracting Officer's Representative, the Contracting Officer will appoint a COR, responsible for the day-to-day administration of the contract, who will serve as the Postal Service's point of contact with the Supplier on all routine matters. A copy of the notice of appointment defining the COR's authority will be furnished to the Supplier upon award of the contract.

The COR will:

Act as a liaison between the Contracting Officer and the selected Supplier

Oversee the receipt and/or return of products and services

Oversee quality inspections

Perform additional responsibilities as determined by the Contracting Officer

The COR will not:

Perform any function not specifically delegated by the Contracting Officer

Appoint other CORs without prior written approval of the Contracting Officer

The Supplier is responsible for the supervision, technical competency, and discipline of its personnel. When necessary, the Supplier may be assisted in understanding Postal Service-unique processes and procedures.

Except when required by the terms of the contract, members of the Purchase/SCM Team may not direct the Supplier's management activities or intervene to supervise, train, or discipline Supplier personnel. The Postal Service Purchase/SCM Team may change as each Process Step leads to the next, but the Contracting Officer remains business leader throughout the life cycle of the project and externally represents the Purchase/SCM Team in administrative dealings with the selected Supplier.

Appointing a Contracting Officer's Representative

Appointing a COR involves the following steps, to be performed by the Contracting Officer:

Evaluate background and training

Formally designate COR

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Evaluate Background and Training

The potential COR must have the proper training and certifications required. Training and certifications are available through the Contracting Officer's Representative Program. All CORs must be familiar with Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch.

Certain contracts require full-time CORs. It is essential to verify that the COR is able to devote time to necessary contract management duties, in addition to the individual's regular Postal Service employment obligations. The Contracting Officer will evaluate the scheduling capabilities of the nominee, evaluate his or her training and certification history, and determine his or her eligibility.

Formally Designate COR

The Contracting Officer will prepare a detailed Contracting Officer's Representative Letter of Appointment that contains, at minimum, the following key information for each appointee:

Contract identification

Roles and responsibilities

Record-keeping duties

Delegated contract management duties

The appointment is made official when the letter of appointment is signed by the Contracting Officer and countersigned by the COR, ensuring full understanding and acceptance of the position.

Suppliers are responsible for notifying the Contracting Officer when they believe that the COR is not acting within the meaning of established responsibilities, duties, and limitations.

Appointments remain in effect until:

Contract is completed or Contracting Officer revokes the appointment

COR resigns from the Postal Service

COR is reassigned to a new position

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Clauses & Provisions

Clause 6-1: Contracting Officer's Representative

Laws & Regulations

Standards of Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, 5 CFR Part 2635

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