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Postal Bulletin Logo: Postal Bulletin Published since March 4, 1880-PB22043, February 8, 2001


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Publicity Kit: Diabetes Awareness Stamp

Customer Relations

Mail Alert

Domestic Mail

DMM Revision: Products Mailable at Nonprofit Standard
Mail Rates

DMM Revision/Correction: Commercial Mail Receiving
Agency Delivery Procedures

DMM Revision: Parcel Post ZIP Code Deletions

DMM Revision: Parcel Post ZIP Code Deletions

New Handbook: Handbook DM-110

DMM Revision: Parcel Post ZIP Code Additions

Revised Form and Process: PS Form 3749, Irregularities
in the Preparation of Mail Matter


Clarification: Use of Airline Contracts for Official

Fraud Alert

Withholding of Mail Orders

Missing, Lost, or Stolen U.S. Money Order Forms

Missing, Lost, or Stolen Canadian Money Order

Counterfeited Canadian Money Order Forms

800 Number Available to Verify Canadian Money

Invalid Express Mail Corporate Account Numbers

International Mail

IMM Revision: International Mail - Labeling of International Priority Airmail (IPA)

Clarification: International Mail Rates

IMM Revision: International Mail - Global Package

ICM Update: International Customized Mail

ICM Update: International Customized Mail

ICM Update: International Customized Mail

ICM Update: International Customized Mail


Stamp Announcement 01-15: Official Mail Stamp and
Stamped Envelope

Stamp Announcement 01-16: Nine-Mile Prairie

Correction: Stamp Announcement 01-09 - Community
Stamped Card (Items 217800, 217900, 268300,
and 268500)

Stamp Announcement 01-17: Apple and Orange
Definitive Stamps

Correction: Pictorial Cancellation in Postal

Stamp Announcement 01-18: Diabetes Awareness

Stamp Announcement 01-19: Farm Flag Definitive

Distribution Information for Stamp Announcement 01-02 -
Statue of Liberty

Distribution Information for Stamp Announcement 01-10 - Badlands

Distribution Information for Stamp Announcement 01-12 - George Washington

Bulk Rate Coils Removed From General Sale

Pictorial Cancellations Announcement

Special Cancellation Die Hubs

Post Offices

Notice: Retrieval of Plastic Label Holders

Notice: Use of No. 2 Domestic Canvas Pouches

Postal Employees

ELM Revision: Chapter 8, Safety and Health


Items Authorized for Sale in Self Service Vending

Reminder: Conditioning the PBM-2A and PBM-6
Vending Machines

Reminder: Retail Sales and Services Associates
Must Wear Complete Uniform

What's in Store

Postal Bulletin Distribution

Postal Bulletin Index

2000 Annual Index PB 22042 (1-25-01)

Ordering Information: Following is the list of postal stock numbers (PSNs) to use when ordering copies of the Postal Bulletin from the MDC:

PB 22043: 7690-04-000-5650

PB 22042: 7690-04-000-5649

PB 22041: 7690-04-000-5648

PB 22040: 7690-04-000-5647

PB 22039: 7690-04-000-5646

PB 22038: 7690-04-000-5645

PB 22037: 7690-04-000-5644

PB 22036: 7690-04-000-5643

PB 22035: 7690-04-000-5642

PB 22034: 7690-04-000-5641

PB 22033: 7690-04-000-5640

PB 22032: 7690-04-000-5639

PB 22031: 7690-04-000-5638

PB 22030: 7690-04-000-5637

PB 22029: 7690-04-000-5636

PB 22028: 7690-04-000-5635

PB 22027: 7690-04-000-5634

PB 22026: 7690-04-000-5633

PB 22025: 7690-04-000-5632

PB 22024: 7690-04-000-5631

PB 22023: 7690-04-000-5630

PB 22022: 7690-04-000-5629

PB 22021: 7690-04-000-5628

PB 22020: 7690-04-000-3999

PB 22019: 7690-04-000-3998

PB 22018: 7690-04-000-3997

PB 22017: 7690-04-000-3996

PB 22016: 7690-04-000-3995

The Postal Bulletin is published biweekly; information is effective for one year unless it changes a permanent directive or unless otherwise specified.