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October 18, 2002


SUBJECT: Information Security Awareness

Over the past year, we have all become more sensitive to security. From the routine activities we engage in every day to the movement of mail throughout our system, we have a heightened sense of awareness. As we continue to work hard to protect the safety and security of our employees, our customers, and the nation's mail, our emphasis must also include information security.

The Postal Service, like many private and government institutions, observes Computer Security Day each year in November. This Computer Security Day on November 21, Information Technology will provide important information in several forms - awareness telecasts on USPS-TV, brochures, posters, and articles in our national publications -to help reinforce the need for good security practices both at work and at . These practices are as applicable to portable devices (laptops, handhelds, and wireless text messaging products) as they are to desktop computers. Please give your full support and encourage your managers to create the greatest awareness impact on November 21.

To emphasize the importance the Postal Service places on information security, we have made viewing of the awareness video, Course 32201-05, mandatory training for all employees. While we encourage you to show the video in your organization in observance of Computer Security Day, please take necessary steps to ensure your employees view it during the year as part of their mandatory training. This training is creditable towards their Voice of Employee (VOE) requirements. The video will be telecast frequently on USPS-TV beginning November 21. The videocassette and a brief instruction sheet of talking points for facilitators will be stocked under PSN 6910-05-000-5513 O (PSIN CPG32201-05V).

A workforce that is aware of information security is our first line of defense. Threats to our information come in a greater variety and appear faster than ever before. Your employees' eyes and ears assist us to respond quickly to incidents. Thank you for your continued vigilance in securing Postal Service information assets.

Suzanne F. Medvidovich

Senior Vice President
Human Resources

Robert L. Otto

Vice President
Information Technology