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SUBJECT: National Dog Bite Prevention Week Publicity Kit for Postmasters

The news of dog attacks and dog bites continue to be alarming. Last year, OSHA recordable dog bite accidents exceeded 3,000; although a slight decline from previous year, it is still too many. An average of 10 letter carriers suffered dog bites per delivery day. When you factor in dog attacks where there was no bite, we averaged 12 dog bites and attacks per delivery day. Even with all this suffering among members of our own organization, letter carriers rank third among people most often attacked by dogs. Children and the elderly rank first and second.

The United States Postal Service continues its crusade against one of the nation's most commonly reported public health problems with this year's National Dog Bite Prevention Week program. As leaders in the Postal Service and leaders in communities across the country, we have a unique responsibility—and a unique opportunity—to help reduce dog bite injuries. The National Dog Bite Prevention Week publicity kit has been produced to help you in this important role.

You will find that your audiences will be very receptive to your message this year. Today's headlines are filled with stories of children and adults who have been injured, or even killed, in vicious animal attacks. Whether you are standing in front of a community group. a classroom, or a group of employees. everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce dog attacks and bites.

Dog bites are a serious matter: in addition to highlighting the problem, you can be part of the solution. By using the tools in this kit to stage employee and media events, to distribute public service announcements, to provide your local newspapers with information through postmaster columns, to promote employee awareness, community awareness, and pet owner awareness, you are helping to reduce dog attack and dog bite injuries.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 18-24 this year. Get the word out now about dog bite prevention, and don't limit your efforts to a week. The "dog days of summer" are a literal fact for the nation's letter carriers. Use the methods and techniques provided in this kit to raise this important safety issue throughout the year.

Thank you!

Azeezaly S. Jaffer
Vice President
Public Affairs and Communications

WASHINGTON DC 20260-3100