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Open Season? When?

Flexible Spending Accounts
Nov. 10 - Dec. 21, 5 p.m. Central Time

Federal Employees Health Benefits
Nov. 10 - Dec. 29, 5 p.m. Central Time

Thrift Savings Plan
Oct 15. - Dec. 31, 5 p.m. Central Time

Annual Leave Exchange Program
Nov. 15 - Dec. 15, Midnight Central Time

If you have access to the PostalEase Employee Web on the Intranet (from the blue page)
Or at an Employee Self-Service kiosk (available in some facilities), using the telephone. Just follow the instructions. Otherwise, call PostalEase toll-free at 1-877-4PS-EASE (1-877-477-3273). For Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB), belated open season elections will be accepted until 5 p.m. Central Time, Dec. 29, and you can also use the FEHB worksheet or the SF-2809, Health Benefits Election Form.

The 2004 Thrift Savings Plan 50+ Catch-up Contributions begin Dec. 15, 2003.