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JUNE 2004


SUBJECT: Postmaster Toolkit for Passport Campaign

Vacation season equates to revenue

Did someone mention "revenue" and "vacation" in the same sentence? Yes. Vacation season is upon us, and it presents a great opportunity for us to publicize our passport service as being quick and convenient for our customers planning to vacation abroad this season.

According to the U.S, Department of Commerce and the International Trade Administration, overseas travel reaches its highest peak during the third quarter of the calendar year, which makes now the prime time to kick-off a passport campaign. This kit will assist you in communicating our passport hours and locations externally and internally.

The Postal Service has a significant advantage in accepting passport applications: we have offices throughout the country, we have the ability to take passport photos in many offices, we can assist customers in mailing their applications via First-Class Mail or Express Mail and many offices provide Saturday hours. Saturday hours are Important to customers with weekday work
schedules - all of which results in a quick and convenient one-stop service, courtesy of the Postal Service.

Promoting passport service supports the Postal Service's Transformation Plan in providing customers with convenient access. Additionally, it gives us another opportunity to build revenue. Since we are expanding the number of passport offices, we are supporting the Transformation Plan by making it easier for customers to do business with us.

This publicity kit includes questions frequently asked by customers, a local employee HQ Newsbreak, publicity ideas, sample news releases and a thank-you letter for businesses that participate in your travel fairs. A stand-up talk and sample quiz are included for employees. The last few pages contain samples of Message Maker creative elements.

Please contact your local communications representative to assist you with your planned events. They can provide Invaluable assistance in creating a successful event that will benefit our customers.

Azeezaly S. Jaffer
Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

P.S. Thanks in advance for all your support and have safe and great summer.

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Washington, DC 20260-3100