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"Our success over the last few years didn't just happen. It was part of a plan — our Transformation Plan. All of the pieces fit together. Of course, the plan is important. It's the roadmap that tells us where we have to go and what we have to do to get there. But the Plan, by itself, didn't get us where we are today. You did. You understood what was at stake and you did an incredible job of getting us here."

"But we have more to do. Our biggest challenge today is revenue."

"Service is better than ever - in every category we measure. We've got stable rates. We've got more access than all of our competitors combined - and then some. We've got innovative new products and services - for commercial mailers, small businesses and consumers. That's a real formula for success. And on top of that, we've got more than 700,000 employees who believe in what we do."

"Each one of you is an important part of our future. I'm depending on you to help us to continue transforming to meet the challenges of that future. I know we can do it."

— Jack Potter
Postmaster General